Our Service

Training courses for bubble tea

Brew special base tea.
Create flavored drinks.
Create smoothies.
Cook the chewy toppings.

Create the drinks in the menu.

Our Baristas have rich experience about drinks. Therefore, we also would recommend our partners popular drinks or menus for reference.

Necessary and Optional EQUIPMENT, UTENSIL and accessories

We though only produce the bubble tea raw material, “cooperate” with many equipment manufacturers, such as Fructose dispenser, Sealing machine, Pos system set, Shaking machine, Sealing film, cups and so on. Hence, we will be able to introduce our partners necessary items that the bubble tea shop needs.

Samples or Starter kits

Try the samples is a very crucial step before order. Besides, if you have no ideas or only a few ideas about bubble tea, we have our starter kits to fulfill your needs. Our starter kits will be able you to learn the basic drinks after you operate it.

Shipping Charge Estimation

We offer the delivery term C.I.F to our partners' nearest port or to door with the economical costs and we have our shipping agent that you might use if you have no idea about how much the cost is!

Support customs clearance

We believe it is the most important stage for our partners to import from overseas. As we have many partners who have only a little idea about how to import and clear the customs, so we will offer more information before they import.

Update the drinks

We have a team of baristas who will also try and develop the drinks, therefore recommend the new drinks for reference.
We believe our quality and professional will support our partner to success