It is called Partners!

March 10 2020

I am Andy (CEO of Fokus) always sharing with my partners about cash flow.
Just like The old always say that "Make hay while the sun shines"
So most of our partners still got the bucks in their pockets. when the issue happened, Like Corona virus this time,

But there is still some of our partners they now got an issue to pay us, over millions TWD(USD 100K)

What is the partnership called?
We will be "through thick and thin" together.
If they are using their money in the right way.

Fokus is not just selling your the material or get the money from you to open a bubble tea shop, but also get the strategy or concept for you.

However,we believe this tough time will pass very soon.
In addition, we are building a new factory just to produce the bigger quantity for you
And invite and expect to partner with you.
To partner with us you will feel very confident on your product.
As we are always on your side..

Fokus Inc.