Fructose syrup dispenser

We work with Phonixes provide fructose syrup dispenser equipment for boba tea shops in the world>
As fructose is one of the key for a bubble tea drink, so it will be better to have accurate dose for each cup.

Main specifications

Model PH-9EN
Machine Size 260 x 360 x 420mm
Power 110V/220V, 300W
Tank Volume 8500c.c.
Dispensing Amount 5~200c.c. ± 3c.c.
Net Weight 9 KG
Case Lacquer paint

Product Introduction

  • PH-91N or ET-91SN  Yes you are right we get from our partner Phonixes or Yi Fung Group 

    The biggest sealing machine and fructose dispenser manufacturer in TAIWAN!

    We are guarantee their quality and warranty for 5 years if the machine break down we will ship to you via air immediately for free after our 24 hour on line repair can not work!

    Their good quality with the follow functions 

    LED panel.
  • Lacquer paint.
  • 24 keypads for setting.
  • Suitable for sticky syrup.
  • Diagonal panel.
  • Certified by CUL, UL EPH and CE regulations.