Why your bubble tea shop got no business??


1. No one or only a few people know your shop.

It is the first step to let people know where your shop is.

If they do not know where it is?? How can they go?

Therefore, you need to do the advertising before you open, from nothing to a shop.

You can create the social media for your bubble tea shop , e.g facebook, ig , twitter and other.

2.The advertising is not in the right time.

Just offer you an exampleThere is one Soup spaghetti pasta named Yi Jung Pasta. They will always advertising 1.5 hours before noon or dinner time, because after you did your breakfast, you will be hungry then, when you are hungry , no matter what you see you will feel very delicious.

So people will call their friend to go together, especially , their coworkers in the office!

You can try it in your bubble tea shop.

Now Yi Jung Pasta in Taiwan got 6 shops , they are opening the franchise chance , if you are interested.

You can contact Mr. Dannis Lee  for ore information


3.Your bubble tea taste not good.

After they visit your shop and order a bubble tea, they feel that your bubble tea is not good, they will not come back again.

It will be worse if they talk to their friends and said , do not go to that shop. That will be a big issue.

And people might score you only 1 star in google map or other place, then those who plan to go, might change their mind.

Therefore, the quality of drinks are very important,You can consider our BUBBLE TEA TRAINING COURSE LINK  if you want to improve.

4.The service of your staff are not well-trained.

Sometimes people might be " because of the friendly staff" , they go to your bubble tea shop,

So train your staff with nice manner will be also important.

5.Shop is not clean 

Some customer might go to the toilet when they go to your shop.

And normally, the toilet is very close to kitchen ,so they can check if the kitchen is clean.

If it is not clean , they will not come back again.

6.The price is too high , The C/P value (Cost Performance ratio) is not worthy.

Some people they tried and feel your food or bubble tea shop  is too expensive, it is also one of the key that people will not go.

7.The traffic issue.

if your bubble tea shop with seats,some people will not go to your bubble tea shop if there is no parking lot or if they can go only by taxi, they might choose another shop, so the location will be the key point.

8. Food Not always fresh

You might notice if the bubble tea material , especially the tapioca (pearl) does not sell out in 4 hours, the tapioca might become harder and not chewy.

if you have a customer buy that drinks, they might not come back , because they will think your bubble tea material is not made today.

Though our tapioca can last around 6 hours long , but we would also suggest that you should sell out in 4 hours or just do not sell after.

We Fokus Inc just offer you some tip and reminder and when you notice your business of bubble tea is  not good, you can think about it.

If you want to know more how to do the bubble tea business and some marketing strategy, you can contact us for more information

We will soon write an article about" how to launch the marketing advertising".

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