The affection of inflation to bubble tea material


The main reason of the inflation

Due to the shipping issue, this is in result of inflation for everything.

The bubble tea material now in USA and  Canada market , take pop boba an example , it will cost USD 70 per box while Taiwan will be 52 USD landed price . (EXWORK PRICE 35 to37 USD) so if you can order direct from Taiwan, You will save  a lot of money.

But we would still remind you that you will have to wait for 3 months long.

So our clients will always order everything 3 months and if their cash flow allow, they will just order a container then.


Being our partner for the inquiries


We ,Fokus inc, now have more than 14 agents around the World, but we are still looking for more partners to be the whole-seller.

The reason is most of shops , they can not wait for so long and they do not have more capital to order from Taiwan , so we will hope we can get more partners to work together in your area.

From our website,Facebook, Instagram, Eworldtrade and others 

We have over 100 to 300 request a month,so we need you to work with together!

Therefore,if you are interested and  

a businessman already know the sales

Know how to import

Got a warehouse

Better in food business.

Please contact us for more information


Be partner with us to grow up the bubble tea business.