Our very high A+ quality syrup with pulp


Our High quality syrup with pulp !!real fruit for your bubble tea drinks

As the summer has come, most of our clients or partners have already got their first containers on hand, and they all know our very A++ quality syrups with pulp are always the latest craze among their customers.

Therefore, for some of our partners, if the finance allowed, they will order another one after we ship out 30 days.

The lead term for A++ one now is more than 2 months, it is the key why they order in advance.

What is the different among our A++ , A+, B and C?

The content of the original juice from 4 % to 12 % and the pulp are the key differences.

But it really depend on what you like, we won't say A++ with /without the pulp is the best choice, you will be the boss to decide which one you prefer.

Just like there are many factories who produce the popping boba: Sunnysyrup, Possmei, Handpro and Chundai.

Those are with very good quality , just depend on who you like.

The layer of the taste will be also different, too. When you try our syrup you will get at least 2 kind of layers!

The lead term for each kind of syrups?

The A++ will be at least 2.5 months ,as the fruit will take longer than other procedure, however, other could be around 1 month.

So we would suggest that if you plan to order our syrup A++ one, you can get a container for the poping bobas , jellies and powders and another one will be syrups, jellies, powders and other.

So that you won't have any delay for your summer season.

We are looking forward to being partner with you! 

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