Cross –Industry Alliance Bubble tea x interior Designer or Turn-Key


Bubble tea supplier x Interior designer or Turn-Key


Fokus inc is an integrate bubble tea supplier and producer in Taiwan.

We notice from our requests that some of our clients want to open a bubble tea shop, and after they rent the place , they start to look for the interior design or turn-key to decorate their shop.

And after they order the first container, they might need some other items which are the best seller.

Therefore, we are looking for partners who is the interior designer or Turn-Key who can supply them the decoration also the bubble tea material

Fokus Inc will do

What Fokus inc will do is to do the advertising and offer the whole seller price to our partner “Interior designer or Turn-Key “so that they can both get the profit.

Our partners will do

And we will hope our partner can have some bubble tea material in Stock so that they can server them with quick.


The market is already change , we can not find the clients ourselves, this is the cooperation as we need each other to make 1+1>2

Looking forward to being partner with you.